Friday, January 30, 2009

Cupid's Little Helper

Here are some fun Valentine's projects I've been working on. There's something for everyone...from teachers, to your sweetie, to your little rugrats and their friends! Let me know if I can help you with anything. Enjoy!

M&M Treat Holders ($1.50 each - candy not included)
I think this is what I'll do for Jack and Drew's valentines this year. They are too cute! They will also hold fun size packs of bottle caps, sweet tarts, etc.

Greeting Cards ($2.50 each or 5/$10)

I love these little hearts floating out of the tiny envelope!

3x3 Gift Cards ($1.25 each or 5/$5)

These cards are perfect to include with a hand delivered gift. The price includes the envelope.

"xoxo" Garland ($10)

It doesn't show up in the photograph (maybe because I take terrible pictures - sorry) but this is accented with glitter. The scallop circle is embossed in white ink and reads "hugs & kisses" around a heart.

Valentine's Mailbox ($5)

How cute is this?!? This one is Drew's...Jack's will be finished soon I hope! These can even be finished to match your kitchen so you can leave little notes for anyone in your house...just put the flag up when you leave a note! Quantities are limited, so if you'd like to order one e-mail me as soon as you can!
Thanks so much for taking time to look at my goodies! Have a great day!

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